We are pleased to share with you the Script for 3DsMax developed by our team. We hope they will be useful.

  1. MultiEdge (Pole) Selection [download] – this script will find all objects with Poles (places where more than 5 edges coming from one vertex) and select them.
  2. Bake Spline Animationr [download] – this script bake animation of all selected shapes to simple key-framed spline animation.
  3. Vertex Cleaner [download] – this script will cleanup edges on EditPoly model from the useless vertex, for example after the Boolean operations.
  4. Cross Point [download] – this script is designed to simplify the creation of CrossPoints for a large number of bones.
  5. Random wire color [download] – this simple script will randomize wire color of selected objects.
  6. Voronoi cells v1 [download] – this script allow you to create Voronoi cells based on any object vertex cloud or any particle system.
  7. Viewport Navi [download] – Its a little but usefull improvement of viewport navigation in 3dsmax.
  8. Pin Tool [download] – This script allow you quickly pin lot of objects to deformable geometry. For example – buttons on clothes or spikes on hedgehog or anything else.