Pin Tool

Date Updated: 05/09/2010
Author Name: Yegor Tsyba
Version Requirement: 9+

This script allow you quickly pin lot of objects to deformable geometry. For example – buttons on clothes or spikes on hedgehog or anything else.
I will be happy if you find it usefull and show me your way to use it. =)

1) Download script
2) Unpack archive in 3dsmax root folder
3) Choose “Customize – Customize user interface” and add script to Keyboard shotcut or in Menus, Toolbars or in to the quad. You will find it in Category: Shiva Tools.

1) select object or objects you want to pin
2) Click “Pin” and Pick destination object from scene. Its is all.. its Pined

Note: “Pin” drop object/s down by Z axis on suface you pick, so check you Pivot before and be sure object/s its over the surface you want to pin to.