Vertex Cleaner

Version: 1
Date Updated: 05/01/2009
Author Name: Yegor Tsyba
Version Requirement: 3dsMax 5 and higher

This script will help you to clean polygonal meshes from the useless vertex, for example after the Boolean operations. Script will find vertexes with 2 egdes only and, depending from angle between edges (treshhold you can control), will clean it. So you can leave a corner vertexes and clean vertexes on straight lines.

Additional Info:
1) Download script
2) Run it via menu “MaxScript – Run Script” or DragAndDrop it on 3dsmax viewport
3) Choose “Customize – Customize user interface” and add script to Keyboard shotcut or in Menus, Toolbars or, like on image, in to the quad. You will find it in Category: Shiva Tools.